Claire Heidinger is a Toronto-based visual artist completing her undergraduate studies at OCAD University, specializing in Drawing and Painting with a minor in Art History. Her work is heavily influenced by her heritage and culture. Being half European and half Chinese, she incorporates stories and teachings of her grandmother, born in Canton, China, as well as personal narratives of living as a Chinese-Canadian in Toronto. Claire’s work deals with both internalized and societal racism towards Asian identities. She hopes to narrate the difficulties of building an identity out of pre-established perceptions.

Claire is developing her artistic style by using bold, bright colours all while paying attention to small details. She is beginning to establish her brand, “not your claire”, to challenge that her being, culture and identity is not another’s possession. She aspires to develop an artistic presence among the art community in Toronto while encouraging discussion around issues of race, identity, and racism through her visual narratives.

For more of her work and process, visit Claire Heidinger @notyourclaire on instagram.