Collaboration with Grade 12 Arts Unionville Class of 2017

Creation. Everything starts with something. The indigenous story of the Sky Woman tells the tale of how this world came to be. After experiencing a condensed version of the story from an indigenous storyteller, the Arts Unionville Grade 12 class of 2017 present reverence, an indigenous-inspired art show installment.
Reverence is comprised of four 4' wooden poles centered around one 12' wooden pole, all five of them carved and embellished with glass accents that compliment their respective element. The four, shorter poles are representative of the four elements: air, fire, earth, and water. The taller, central pole represents a mergence of these elements—a representation of life, in which the balance of all four elements is necessary. Together, the five poles are displayed in a circular formation.

Over the course of a month, the Arts Unionville Grade 12 class, embedded their interpretations of the individual elements on the poles within four distinct groups; air, fire, earth and water. Brainstorming and conceptualization of the visuals was assisted with valuable input from four indigenous artists: Deron Douglas, Ken Syrette, Lauri Hoeg, and Nathalie Bertin. The designs were then transferred and blocked out into the poles with the woodcarving expertise of the class’ art teacher, Shane Clodd. Details were later fine-tuned into the wood by the students themselves through the use of various rotary tools and sanders. With the aid of professional glass artist Melanie Kidd, representatives from each group fabricated the glass additions at Glasstronomy Studios.

Lauri Hoeg - Earth
Deron Douglas - Air
Ken Syrette - Fire
Nathalie Bertin- Water